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Home Audio and Cinema Installation near Scottsdale, Arizona

The audio and video systems we supply to clients are on offer throughout the entire Phoenix metro area, and that includes valued customers in the city of Scottsdale, Arizona, many of whom come back to us time and time again.

Home and commercial surveillance systems, home theater installations, and home automation systems are the three primary services we provide. However, we also supply media rooms, whole house audio, lighting control, and shade control.

Many businesses and homeowners come to us for our top-of-the-range surveillance systems to be installed on their property. The integrated security systems are easy to operate and can be set to turn on flashlights in the event of an emergency.

We install cameras around the perimeter of homes and office buildings to further enhance security systems, and we offer a range of cameras including HD cameras, indoor cameras, and outdoor cameras. Many come equipped with night vision capabilities, and there is a seven-year warranty on all our products.

Our surveillance systems start at around $700 and if you have any questions about how to operate them, then just contact us on (480) 566-9143. Even if the power to your property goes out, the surveillance system will continue to work.

The home theaters we provide for customers are designed and installed by our staff here at Elite Audio Video Systems. A dedicated home theater can be built in a space as small as 200 sq. We always recommend to customers that TV is better than a screen because it is more cost effective. Our technicians will provide theaters to suit every budget, and we offer the most affordable audio and video service in the Scottsdale area.

Elite Audio Video Systems is dedicated to carrying out the best home audio and video systems at the most affordable prices. If you want to take advantage of our services, call us on (480) 566-9143.

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