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Home Theater Design and Surveillance Systems near Phoenix, Arizona

If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, and are in the market for a sophisticated home theater system to be installed, then you should look no further than the services we offer here at Elite Audio Video Systems. We are happy to provide systems, service, and support that are second to none, and surpass the expectations of our valued clients.

What we guarantee to our Phoenix customers are: quality, timely service, and attention to detail. Our friendly and professional staff always make an effort to build lasting relationships with our clients. 

The home theaters we install allow you to listen to music, watch a film, or just catch the daily news throughout your property – and you can enjoy the thrill of owning your own private, state-of-the-art theater. For an enhanced experience we will insulate the ceiling and walls in the room for better sound quality.

We offer a variety of customizations that will best suit your needs. A home theater room, from start to finish, may cost in the region of $8,000, though we have designed a variety of different packages to suit all budgets.

Surveillance systems that help secure commercial and residential properties are another specialty of ours here at Elite Audio Video Systems. They come with a variety of camera choices, including night vision equipment. We offer a seven year warranty on all of our products.

If you need any assistance with our services, please call (480) 566-9143 for more information.

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